Executive Team

Danny Bellamy

Danny Bellamy

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Total Health Care as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Danny Bellamy has demonstrated over 30 years of experience in the management and development of health care programs that impact Medicaid and commercial populations. With significant experience in direct health care delivery, operational implementation and negotiation of health plans, hospital services and contracts, Mr. Bellamy served as the senior operating executive for a specialized health plan that provided comprehensive services including case management to Medicaid SSI eligible beneficiaries as well as developing reimbursement strategies for services delivered to people with chronic conditions.

Mr. Bellamy has an extensive history with the HSC Health Care System, having previously served as its director of contracting and business development, and director of rehabilitation services at the HSC Pediatric Center. He has demonstrated experience managing over 150 employees in health care delivery ranging from primary care, managed care and hospital-based services. His background includes extensive government contract negotiations along with data analytics to support the development of stakeholder and health care provider relationships along with implementation of advance preparations for the valuation and acquisition of health care entities. Before joining HSC, he was a managing partner at MCA Washington, DC, where he was responsible for the start-up and overall management of a multi-specialty physician practice and multi-disciplinary allied health care entity. Mr. Bellamy served as a senior manager at the Greater Southeast Healthcare System long-term care division where over saw wellness programs and community based services funded by various foundations.

Mr. Bellamy has a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University and is currently seeking a master’s degree in health informatics. He is a board member for the Maryland Association of Community Health Centers and has served as a board member for the Medicaid Health Plans of America. He has also served on the Jurisdictional Advisory Committee on Early Childhood Development.

J. Wyndy Webb, PharmD, PMP, MBA

J. Wyndy Webb, PharmD, PMP, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. J. Wyndy Webb is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Total Health Care. Previously, she served as Vice President of Operations for Total Health Care. As a member of Total Health Care’s executive team, she is responsible for operations of the clinics and project management oversight of strategic operational initiatives including Pharmacy, Dental, Laboratory, Optometry, Health Information Management, Call Center, Population Health, IT, Mailroom and subspecialty services.

In her role as a senior health care executive, she creates and implements breakthrough strategies that achieve enhanced efficiencies, productivity and profitability, while meeting aggressive deadlines and positioning organizations for sustainable change. She blends analytical skills with an open-minded approach to seek best solutions and deliver exceptional results on time and within budget. She works diligently to solve organizations’ most complex challenges, develops collaborative relationships with key stakeholders at all levels and secures buy-in for mission-critical business initiatives.

She partners with physicians, clinicians, nurses, technology transfer experts, support staff and organizational leaders to identify, prioritize and resource clinical innovations at Total Health Care and identify the unmet needs of the patients that Total Health Care is uniquely positioned to serve. Dr. Webb assists in identifying organizational needs playing a pivotal role in facilitating the alignment of organizational talent and resources to develop solutions to those needs, ensuring alignment between the organization’s strategic objectives and innovation strategy. Additionally, she is responsible for managing organizational-wide projects which advance innovation and/or create value.

Dr. Webb has earned her BS in chemistry, MBA, and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees. She has extensive experience and expertise in operations, project management, internal controls, policy and procedure development, business process improvement, regulatory compliance, financial analysis and IT System Lifecycle Development (SDLC). Dr. Webb has worked in health care management for more than 15 years. She has provided oversight for the transition of organization’s revenue cycle portion of the practice management platform (Athena to MedHelp), enhancing claims processing accuracy. She led the implementation of proprietary vendor solutions for new fiber-based ISP and MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Network, improving end-user experience and enhancing security. Dr. Webb directed conversion of the legacy phone system, consisting of analog and digital end-points, to more reliable VOIP solution, resulting in a safer, less expensive solution with expanded capacity. She oversaw IT remediation to improve the end-user experience, reduce system downtime and enhance operational efficiency. She also managed data center and IT infrastructure deployment, including testing of mission-critical applications and migration process.

Dr. Webb was hired to utilize her exceptional clinical skills and expertise in ambulatory care and health care management to support Total Health Care in attaining our goal of improving the health and quality of life for the patients we serve. She has excellent communication and customer service skills. Additionally, she is committed to quality and is an innovative problem solver. She is an integral member of Total Health Care’s professional team of experts dedicated to providing exceptional care to our patients and the communities that we serve which assist in attaining our common goal of optimal outcomes for the residents of Maryland.

Dr. Webb accelerates financial and operational performance through visionary and disciplined leadership and is dedicated to providing excellent care to her community, customers and patients to assist in attaining the common goal of improved population health.

Marcee White, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Marcee White is a board-certified pediatrician with over 10 years of direct clinical patient care experience, and over 8 years as a Medical Director in a top 5 pediatric hospital. She formerly served as the Medical Director of the Children’s Health Center at THEARC, Mobile Health, and the Prince George’s County School-Based Wellness Program at Children’s National Health System. In addition to leadership, she played a vital role in the research, education, and advocacy initiatives for patients. Dr. White has the proven ability to successfully lead, motivate, and build dynamic teams in the face of change.  She earned her medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine and a BS degree in biology pre-medicine from Xavier University of Louisiana. She completed her pediatric residency training from the combined Children’s National/Howard University Community Health Track and served as Chief Pediatric Resident.  Dr. White has a certificate in leadership development from the George Washington University Master Teacher Leadership Development Program. 

Richard Greene

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Richard Greene oversees all finance functions of Total Health Care that include revenue cycle, financial reporting, grants, treasury management, and financial analyses. He is responsible for guiding the financial strategies and setting the financial priorities of Total Health Care.

Mr. Greene is both a CPA and attorney. While working as an attorney, Mr. Greene was the chief counsel to the Baltimore City Department of Finance, providing legal opinions and counsel to that department. He has over 20 years of experience in the health care field. Prior to joining Total Health Care, Mr. Greene worked in both the private and public sectors in health care. He served as the Chief Financial Officer for Behavioral Health Systems of Baltimore, Baltimore Mental Health Systems, and Woodmore Health, and as accounting manager for Baltimore City Hospitals’ long-term care division.

Mr. Greene is a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Business and its School of Law. He holds a BS degree in accounting and a Juris Doctorate degree in law. He also holds an MBA from Morgan State University and a Masters Degree in legal letters from Georgetown University.

Gwen Young

Gwen Young, RN

Chief Compliance Officer

Gwen Young joined Total Health Care with over 25 years of experience in working with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). Young is an experienced executive-level leader with quality improvement training, knowledge and experience.  Her extensive HRSA program experience, expertise in clinical operations and leadership skills make her invaluable to the Total Health  Care team.

Young came to Total Health Care from the District of Columbia Primary Care Association (DCPCA) where she served as Director of Quality Improvement and Operations.  In her role, she was responsible for the core functions of the PCA and HRSA program compliance, in addition to providing technical assistance and support to 8 FQHCs and 4 other free-standing community health centers. From the 6 years before joining the DCPCA, Young was Chief Compliance Officer/COO for the Family Health Centers of Baltimore, which is an FQHC with multiple service sites.

Young has extensive education and training in the healthcare field.  She completed certification in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement College Breakthrough Series and also served as Faculty Associate at John Hopkins School of Nursing.

Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey

Chief Talent Officer

As Total Health Care’s Chief Talent Officer (CTO), Brian Bailey’s major focus is the development and implementation of key initiatives that build a diverse and impactful organizational culture. The CTO is responsible for the oversight and implementation of innovative recruitment strategies, performance measures, talent acquisition and management, employee relations, compliance and the professional development of the agencies workforce. 

Brian Bailey has over 20 years of executive experience in non-profit, private and public sectors. He is a passionate licensed mental health clinician with a plethora of experiences as an entrepreneur, CEO, COO, agency consultant, clinical director and professional development trainer. He has provided support services to agencies that serve families in many diverse populations, including families combating addictions, mental health, medical health care, transitioning youth and adults, caregivers, adjudicated youth, families with special needs, and the structures in which they are involved. He has led in the formulation and implementation of numerous community engagement projects and has structured and facilitated trainings and workshops for executives, program coordinators, administrators and behavioral health service agencies in educational and health care environments throughout the metropolitan area.  He has pioneered the development and implementation of the city-wide “System of Care” agendas that have not only merged service providers with clients, but have equipped providers with tools for implementing effective modalities for their clients’ holistic success. He is adept in retention strategies, assessment techniques, program development, human resources, project management and resiliency.

Brian Bailey served in the District of Columbia for several years anticipating the opportunity to return to his hometown of Baltimore City.  While in the District, he was able to influence and implement one of the first Continuum of Care conferences for more than 1,000 professionals and introduced a plethora of professional development support initiatives for service providers. 

He is trained in several clinical models to include the co-authoring of the Radical Positivity Guide of Interventions curriculum.  He has developed and implemented programs and models for multiple organizations including the District’s major government agencies: DCPS, CFSA, DMH, DBH, DPR and various managed care organizations and community-based organizations. 

Although his professional counseling background has made him an exceptionally effective mental health clinician, he has created intense professional development programs and has built a knack for major event construction, agency partnering and collaboration and human resource management.

Brian Bailey holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology / criminal justice and a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology from Bowie State University and is currently completing a Master’s degree in leadership development.  With immense experience in human services, mediation, counseling, team building, cultural diversity, customer service, leadership development, human resource management  and employee coaching, his number one commitment is to “Building People, to Build People”

Miriam Vega, PhD

Miriam Vega, PhD

Executive Vice President

Dr. Miriam Vega is an experienced health care executive of non-profits, including having served as CEO of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). She has a PhD in social psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a BA in psychology from Vassar College.

While a health care executive, Dr. Vega also identifies as a scientist-advocate, particularly in the HIV/AIDS field. Her research focuses on how community trauma, stigma, social media and marketing impact access, availability and acceptability of health care.  In that vein she founded the Institute for Hispanic Health Equity. Her recent research, showcased at the International HIV/AIDS conference as well as the American Psychological Conference, exams HIV stigma in social media and the double-edged sword of information dissemination. 

Dr. Vega created the CHANGE model (Vega, 2009) of capacity building assistance which helps build culturally-responsive programming, quality improvement and organizational infrastructure at community-based organizations across the nation.

At the United Nations, she served as Board Secretary of the Psychology Coalition of NGOs at the UN, and also as a UN NGO main representative of the ECOSOC-accredited Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. She currently serves on the Committee on Health Equity at the American Public Health Association and was recently selected as a HOPE Public Service Bi-National Fellow.