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Adolescent Behavioral Health (ABH)

Total Health Care serves children and adolescents, ages 1-23, who struggle with co-occuring substance use and mental health disorders, depression, self-harm behaviors, mood disorders, ADHD, anger, anxiety, impulse control, along with disruptive school related behavioral challenges. 

Total Health Care knows that effective and quality treatment for children and adolescents must include age and developmentally appropriate evidence-based assessments and practices. This program is 100% focused on children and adolescents and their overall health. We also provide telehealth services in order to address physical barriers to health. 

Our program creates a safe and inclusive community, medication management services, and provides open access to all other Total Health Care services!

We work to improve the way clients feel about everyday life.

ABH Locations

Saratoga Health Center

1501 Saratoga St. 

Baltimore, MD 21223

Open Gates Health Center

1111 Washington Blvd. 

Baltimore, MD 21230

Mondawmin Mall Health Center

2401 Liberty Heights Ave. #111-113

Baltimore, MD 21215

Adolescent Behavioral Health Center

Total Health Care’s Adolescent Behavioral Health Center provides a physical space for youth to develop coping skills, one on one support, and an area for homework and computer access. We are committed to providing the highest level of care to all ages and backgrounds. Our Adolescent Behavioral Health Center is led by Total Health Care’s Center for Emotional and Social Health (CESH).

Our team consists of licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, psychiatric nurses and public health administrators. We provide high-quality services to those individuals with behavioral and mental health challenges and physical barriers through telehealth offerings. 

Located at: 

Saratoga Health Center

1501 Saratoga St. Baltimore, MD 21223