Patient-Centered Medical Home


Our Patient-Centered Medical Home is not a building, a house, or a hospital. It is a coordinated team of medical experts who make sure you can be your healthiest.

You are in charge of your health at Total Health Care. We provide the team of experts and specialists to ensure the best care is available for you. Together, we write a care plan just for you based on your needs. You decide what is right for you and your family.

Your care team helps you get the services you need. This includes doctor visits, shots, testing, follow-up visits, home care services, medication reviews and discounts, and educational information like nutrition and self-care. This lets you be in control of your care.

Patient-Centered Medical Home is a part of Total Health Care, which has shorter wait times, after-hours access and even electronic and telephone advice with experts after you’ve gone home..

Additional Services