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Welcome to Total Health Care. Our website will provide any information you hope to find to begin or continue your relationship with Total Health Care, its services and providers.

Take a moment to review the forms (from under my patients) to find answers to medical assistance and insurance questions, locate forms to make your initial visit easier, send a message to your physician or schedule your next appointment.

At Total Health Care, we make it easy for you to receive the care you need.  We are committed to providing compassionate, state-of-the-art health care from the area’s best providers.

Total Health Care. Caring for you.

Receive Patient-Centered Medical Home Care

Patient-Centered Medical Home Care is a patient-centered, team-based approach to your care, using evidence-based medicine to meet your physical and mental health needs. We respect your unique individual preferences, culture, and values and aim to partner with you and your family to support your care decisions.

Receive Affordable Healthcare

We can provide health services to help you feel better now and stay healthy. You will have a team of friendly Providers, Nurses and Counselors who to look after your health needs. Your team can help with any disease, pain or issue. We offer services in health, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, mental health, women’s health, pregnancy, dental, infectious diseases and more. Our team also includes nutritionists who can work with you for the most nutritious and appropriate meals.

Request an Appointment

We understand life can be busy and it can be difficult to schedule an appointment during working hours. We have ten center sites, some with extended hours to serve your needs. To request an appointment, call 410-383-8300 and one of our Total Health Care staff members will help you.

We Have Pharmacies On-Site

To better serve your needs, we have six pharmacies conveniently located inside our buildings. The pharmacies are located at the Division, Saratoga, Open Gates, Kirk, Men’s and Mondawmin sits. For hours of operation, please visit the Hours & Location page. Our Pharmacy Assistance Programs can reduce your medication costs or give them to you for free.

We Do Not Turn Anyone Away

We are happy to serve you, even if you can’t pay. Are you uninsured? Our Pre-Service Counselors can help you apply for insurance plans. Many of our services are available at a reduced cost (ask about our PPS rate) or free if you qualify. Just ask!

We Speak Multiple Languages

You don’t need to speak English to see a doctor. Our interpreters can help you schedule appointments and talk to your doctor. Call us to make your appointment and learn more.